A recently widowed friend, Margaret, knowing that I am a writer, gave me my orders: “Gene, you should write a book about widowhood. You would not believe what happens.”

She should know. She was experiencing a variety of experiences. A minor one was music playing that she couldn’t get out of her head.  It was barely audible.  Margaret feared she was going crazy trying to solve the mystery. A friend told her something about the “one true mate” trying to reach her and comfort her. She thought that was reasonable. She bought some inspirational material that she hoped would help. It didn’t turn the songs off.

A cleaning woman came to the rescue when she discovered that a workman had turned on the music, but didn’t turn it completely off. She turned up the volume and there it was in all its glory. And it could be turned off. Hallelujah!  Margaret beamed as she thought how logical it all was.

I was still trying to decide whether or not I wanted to discover things that widowed people never even imagined. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t like the subject matter, and I probably couldn’t find a publisher who would want to risk money on a book that probably had no chance of becoming a best-seller. I understood that there would be limited interest.

I promised Margaret that I’d think it over. First I made a pro and con list. Under the cons were all my excuses— negative reasons I didn’t want to pursue the idea. By the time I got to the pro list I had done a complete reversal.  This one little sentence said it all: I want to do it!  That out-weighed all the negativity.

I told her I would write her story just to see how it would go. That was be beginning of Widowhood Happens.

– — — — —

Note:  WIDOWHOOD HAPPENS, by Gene K. Garrison,

THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF DISCOVERY ABOUT WIDOWHOs available at bookstores, on Kindle 

 is everywhere that you buy your books, including Kindle.

 ISBN 13: 978-1460953945 and ISBN 10: 146095390


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