A favorite review about THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT CAVE CREEK (It’s The People)

Saturday night at Cave Creek, Arizona in the 1940s.

Recently while bumbling around on my computer I found this review on amazon.com:

5.0 out of 5 stars A taste of real Arizona history!, December 31, 2008
Patience Keeton (Black Canyon City, AZ USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: There’s Something About Cave Creek: It’s the People (Paperback)

I am one of the fortunate few who grew up in Cave Creek, Arizona during the early 1970’s and got to know most of the wonderful, larger-than-life characters profiled in this delightful book. Garrison does an outstanding job capturing the heart and flavor of the time; showing Cave Creek before it became an overcrowded, overpriced, tourist-trap.
It was a town where folks were allowed to be themselves or even to reinvent themselves. The kind of place where you could walk around wearing a top hat with a handlebar mustache and nobody gave you a second glance. Everyone accepted and respected one another whether they were rich or poor, gay or straight, Anglo or Native American or just kinda weird. And despite stepping over more rattlesnakes than I care to remember, it was the most magical place in the universe to be a kid!

– — — — —

It made my day!  A reader got it!  I am glad I revived such memories of a very special place, full of interesting characters.

We both lived there in the ‘seventies, but didn’t know each other at all because she was a teenager and I was middle-aged.

We now share something beyond the timelines. Thank you, Patience Keeton!

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