THOUGHTS About . . . Driverless Cars — by Gene K. Garrison

THOUGHTS About . . . Driverless Cars
By Gene K. Garrison

Every day I think about driverless cars — every single day!
I want one. There’s no doubt about that.

I’ve broken out in gleeful laughter as I watched the online videos with the steering wheel turning as if by magic, and the expression of a passenger’s face — a combination of fascination, disbelief and delight all rolled into one. How I’d love to have my car take me where I want to go at my every whim or desire.

I’ve given up driving at night because of my age. I’m old, but young in spirit. An octogenarian, I’m still working. I have four books on the market and am working on a new book manuscript, and have another right behind it. I have my own blog (, and I’m an artist and photographer.

I don’t want to see my life shrink, giving up one privilege after another. That’s what happens when you get old. Your body starts to fall apart. You feel that maybe visual details don’t seem as sharp, particularly at night.

A driverless car can see better, react more quickly, and make instantaneous decisions better than a human. There’s a lot of comfort in that.

It’s not just me I’m thinking about. Enlarge the scope. Imagine the safety of millions of drivers enjoying their trips. Feel the relief of parents of teenagers when their children come home safely after a night out. It will cut down on grizzly accident visualizations. That’s a good thing.

Think of how driverless cars can make YOUR life better.
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