THOUGHTS ABOUT . . . A Bucket List

THOUGHTS ABOUT . . . A Bucket List

It’s blog time. Here I am up to my ears in appointments, meetings, interviews, research, and photographs to take, audio tapes and printer paper to buy.

So what’s the subject for today? How about a Bucket List? Or maybe it’s a Wish List.

1. I’m still wishing for a driverless car. I still really want one! I keep running into people who never heard of them. Where have you been?

Google “driverless cars,” and then watch a video. These cars are intelligently driving the streets of California, Nevada, Florida and Washington, D.C. A human
is sitting in the driver’s seat doing nothing more than watching the scenery, and seeing the steering wheel turn all by itself.

I would be willing to be their senior women’s test driver.

You say I don’t have time? Well, that’s true. Besides there’s fat chance that Arizona would allow anything so progressive.

I keep hoping.

2. In my mind I strive to have a neat office. My body doesn’t respond. Things are cluttered. I’m in danger of a paper slide. Stacks and stacks of unorganized thoughts on print slump in boxes, on tops of file cabinets, on my desk, on a chair, in a corner, on a drawing table that doesn’t have room to draw a peanut, and on a piece of exercise equipment that hasn’t been used in a while. The fact is that I don’t like to file. I tell myself that I have more important things to do, and I believe that. I’m writing a book, and attending meetings, and making phone calls, and interviewing people, and I need to make art. I belong to a group we call SAGA.

3. I noticed an old friend walking by our house several days ago. She used to be a tall, slim, confident woman in her eighties. Now she’s ninety and her gait has slowed. She has changed. I tell myself that I should call her and see if she is ready to accept help, but I haven’t done it yet. I will. I can do that.

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One thought on “THOUGHTS ABOUT . . . A Bucket List

  1. 1. I hope you get to sit in one of those cars, but would you be a test ‘driver’?
    2. If you want your office to be neat, that’s good enough. The clutter proves you are busy with important things.
    3. Call or go see your old friend.
    I must call some old friends, since my gait is slowing. I must clean and organize my office. Thanks for reminding me.

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