Thoughts About . . . Self-Driving Cars — #2

THOUGHTS ABOUT . . . Self-Driving Cars  — #2


I’m all jazzed up again about self-driving cars.  On a prior blog I called

them driverless cars. —  The more up-to-date name is what you just read — self-driving cars.

         The news is that Toyota, and their other big name cars — Lexus, Prius — as well as Audi, and possibly others, are working on them.  They are big-time serious.  Toyota is shooting for a 2015 debut.  I think I can last that long, but it won’t be easy, but at least it’s much earlier than other reports estimated.

         The thing that makes me sad is that recently in the wee hours of

the morning a car in Scottsdale ran into the back of a pedicab carrying

two passengers, tourists from Kansas.  Not surprisingly, three people

were wisked off to a hospital, and the pedicab was a twisted pile of

metal and wheels. It could have been worse.

         Would this have happened if the driver of the car had been driving

a car of the future?  Certainly not.  The car’s sensors would have stopped

the car and avoided the accident. 

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