This is a test. I am using Helvetica 14. I had it set for 12. I’m writing a book, and this word processing system is driving me crazy. I keep getting corruption messages. The spacing changes by itself. Line lengths change. Font changing simply happens. I have to keep glancing up at the controls to make sure it is still at the correct settings. I place photos in the chapters and they quite often disappear. Some of them have been put in place three times. Margins change as though they have minds of their own.

I’ve called my computer consultant a half-dozen times. He works on it and there’s an improvement for the current problem of the day, but then something else goes wrong. Yesterday he gave up and told me to call the company that manufacturers the software and get it reinstalled. Now there’s another problem. I can’t find their phone number, so I’m venting.

I wanted to ask readers to please purchase my books as gifts. You know my name, and you can certainly find That would make me feel a lot better. But what I want even more is to find that phone number.

Happy Holidays!

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