A NEW BOOK by Gene K. Garrison

I’m going to have a new book out soon. By soon, I mean maybe a month. It’s a first for Sedona, Arizona, a narrative art history book about artists who actually live, or lived, in this beautiful little burg starting in the 1930s and ending at the turn of the century. It IS a place that draws artists to it. What I hoped to accomplish was an introduction of each artist’s personality, accomplishments and adventures. You’ll see them as individuals who have varied talents. I knew some of them before I started writing the book——Joella Jean Mahoney, a Contemporary American Artist; Jan Sitts, a mixed-media artist who still conducts workshops everywhere from the Sedona Arts Center to Tuscany; and Nancy Dunst, Installation Artist. I had never met most of them —— internationally known bronze sculptors John Waddell, John Soderberg, PhD, and James Muir, all of whom do monumental works. Cowboy Artists Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye and Frank McCarthy were all members of the Cowboy Artists of America and changed the status of cowboy art to fine art. Ken Rowe, a very successful wildlife bronze sculptor, was a taxidermist before he became an artist. There was the very important artist from Egypt, Nassan Gobran, who in 1958 lit up the sky by founding the Sedona Arts Center. M.L.Coleman made the strange leap from being an accountant to becoming a landscape painter of note. I wrote about twenty-five of these interesting people in a manner that makes readers want to turn the pages. It’s very different from most history books.

The book: ARTISTS OF SEDONA by Gene K. Garrison.

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