I have a first to my credit: I have written the first art history book about Sedona, Arizona artists.

It starts in 1930 when twenty-year-old Bob Kittredge and his brother, Dan, roared into the Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon area on a Harley Davidson motorcycle with sidecar attached. It was crowded because part of the baggage was a pet monkey and a baby coyote. young Mr.Kittredge became a sculptor of note.

The book runs a narrative course through twenty-six artists of note, some have made their marks as international artists — John Henry Waddell and Dr.John Soderberg, for instance.

So why did I tackle such a huge project? I never liked history in school. All that memorization about who, what, when and where turned me off. My history book would be different. I wanted to know about the artists’ personalities, their experiences, their reactions, their attitudes and anything else they wanted to tell me about their lives. I wanted to make the text so interesting that even people who do not like art will keep turning the pages.

The title is “Artists of Sedona 1930—1999” and the author is Gene K. Garrison. I’ve been a professional writer since 1772.

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