SPREAD THE WORD About Artists of Sedona 1930—1999

No doubt you have noticed on several of my previous blogs that I’ve published a new book, my fifth. What makes it different from other history books stems from not liking history as a child. There was a crying need for this little burg in northern Arizona red-rock country to shout out, “Look! We’re oozing artists – well-educated, dedicated, excited-to-be-here artists.

Over the top? Not by much.

Ever since the 1930s they’ve been discovering this very special place. That’s the way I arranged my chapters of Artists of Sedona 1930—1999 — in the order that they arrived.

I designed the cover, with emphasis on the word Artists. The dates are included in order to show that it’s a history book, but I hasten to add that it’s a narrative history. No more of who, what, where, when and why business that we had to memoroize for tests. It’s about our artists, both past and present, as real people. I introduce them to you. They’re all different in thought and in deed.

The photo is meant to represent artists in general, but there’s nothing general about the famous internationally known bronze sculptor John Henry Waddell, who creates art for the ages in this studio. He’s in his nineties now and his life still centers around his art. He could go on and on about it. I especially like a statement he made about “being able to put your hand exactly where you want to put it.” That’s sage advice.

_ _ _ _ _ _
Gene K. Garrison (c)
Artists of Sedona 1930—1999 is available from bookstores and amazon.com, as well as Kindle.
Resellers may order it from CreateSpace.com.

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