I’ve gone on a bit about my latest book, ARTISTS OF SEDONA, 1930—1999, but it is important. It’s the first art history book about the very talented, special people who have made names for themselves in this dramatically beautiful small town in northern Arizona.

I have to get it out there for the public to see, and therein lies the problem. Everything is so complicated. There are so many decisions to be made. I don’t want to be in the business of selling books, but I’m afraid I am — whether I want to or not. Writing doesn’t frighten me at all, but signing up for services and entrusting my royalties to companies I know nothing about, does. I hate bookkeeping. Don’t know how to do it. Don’t WANT to know. I flunked math on report card in fourth grade. Now I have macular degeneration. That’s a good excuse for the errors.

I think I’ve found a good company, Whizbuzz, to handle online publicity for a year, but I got stuck yesterday when it came to the payment method, And I don’t want to hear from other companies coming to my rescue, even though it looks like I NEED help.

So what can YOU do? Ask for the book in bookstores. They won’t have it, but they can order it for you. Here’s the information they will need:


AUTHOR: Gene K. Garrison

IBSN: 1491299606

RETAIL PRICE: $40 (I know it’s high, but for an art book, it’s not. Ink for color photos is very expensive.)

If you have a Kindle, or Kindle app, you’re in luck — no ink, no paper. Price: $9.99.

Then there’s Easy.

Tell your friends about it.

And what will you have if you own this book? Just the first edition of the first narrative art history of the wonderfully creative people who have made Sedona an artists’ hub — John Waddell, Dr. John Soderberg, Joyce Killebrew, Joella Jean Mahoney, Stephen Juharos, Joe Beeler, Nassan Gobran, Charlie Dye, Zoe Mozert, Jeffrey Lunge´, Adele Seronde, Susan Kliewer, Clyde Ross Morgan, Jan Sitts, Bearcloud, Leslie B. DeMille, Frank McCarthy, James Muir, Bonnie Burkee, M.L. Coleman, Nancy Robb Dunst, Holly Stedman, and Ken Rowe. You’ll love the human beings that they are, or were.

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