I am so inundated with chores that I don’t know what to do first. I’ve been in my apartment for four months and it’s still unorganized, but it’s improving — slowly. Yesterday the maintenance men removed a huge 13-year-old TV from my bedroom. I hung onto it so long because it still worked beautifully, but it was a gray elephant that was taking up longed-for space. The tabletop that it rested on looks beautiful. It used to be a library table. I have three piles of papers on it now — a woman from the title company brought papers through the rain for me to sign early last evening. I’ll be sure to file them in a chest that used to be a highboy.

There are framed photographs, my husband’s small sculptures, and my paintings hanging on the walls and in closets at my house that just sold. I’ll go with my helper next week and pick up the ones I want, although I don’t have much space to put them. I’ll donate the rest to Habitat For Humanity. Then I’m done with that. It used to be that I would save everything from my kids’ art to my husband’s junk collection.

The books are a problem. I have five of them on the market: ARTISTS OF SEDONA, THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT CAVE CREEK, JAVELINA (Have-uh-WHAT?), FROM THUNDER TO BREAKFAST (about pioneer Hube Yates), and WIDOWHOOD HAPPENS. A couple of them were produced by traditional publishers, but after they weren’t renewed I decided to go with on-demand companies. That would keep them floating around in the cyber world forever.

I don’t have time to contact individual bookstores. Those business people are having their own problems, and they have been going out of business like crazy. The few local ones left expect authors to furnish books on consignment and give them a 40% discount. I know they need that, but in my own case I go in the hole. The only way I can receive a royalty is for the re-seller to do a simple little thing and take five or ten minutes to order directly from the printer. I really like that because I don’t have to wait until the books sell to receive what I have already paid for, and I get my royalty. I also like the fact thatI don’t have to do the bookkeeping. I’m not good at math. So, unless you have a favorite bookseller who will be happy to order books for you, I’m suggesting that you order through the Internet. You will receive it delivered to your door. It’s easier on everyone.

Also, on August 11 I will be 90 — and I’m thinking of giving up my car. I used to be twenty-six.

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