An Event

Read this and give me a cheer:

“You have been nominated for a 2016 Governor’s Arts Award in the Individual category. . . .
These awards are considered the most prestigious in Arizona, and recognize excellence in
artistic expression and outstanding contributions to the Arizona arts community.”

Ready? Yaaaaaaaaay!

I’m in the Individual category because I wrote ARTISTS Of Sedona (19380—1999) all by myself—well, almost all by myself. I did have some editing done and the foreword written by
Gary Every, the head of Sedona Writers Salon.

It was a huge job—especially when you consider the fact that my husband was dying of cancer and I was his at-home caregiver. Hospice was my support.

Before he died he had some input into his Celebration of Life which t I was producing for him. A funny incident happened as he proofed the eulogy. “Well, that’s wrong,” he said as he reada sentence about four little Garrison kids waiting down the lane for the yellow school bus to pick them up. “Mother drove us to school,” he asserted. “We didn’t go on the bus.”
That sentence was deleted very quickly.

I stayed alone in our home for five months. We had planned that I would be better off living with others, so our dog and I moved into a retirement community, hired some people to run an estate sale, and put the house on the market. This is not as easy as it sounds.

There was no time to market my brand new book. It set me back. Suddenly I was very tired. It took longer to get anything done, and several times I was hauled off to a hospital. Mini-strokes, they said. At least they weren’t real ones.

And now this nomination for an award at a very fancy hotel in downtown Phoenix on March 23rd. I live about two-and-a-half hours away—and I sold my car last August. Am I going? Of course I am. I’m going to get gussied up in black and gold, my white hair done up
In a stylish do. I had to call some people I don’t really know for transportation—and I lucked out.

So who won in this Individual division? I don’t know, but I feel like a winner.
And who is the handsome man? His name is Thomas.

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