Scams & Frauds



It has been happening a lot lately—and it happened again this morning. The phone rang while I was eating breakfast. I didn’t get there in time to answer. Negativity swirled in my head— It was probably a scammer.

I didn’t have long to wait. I was at my computer when the next call came in. It was John Smith from Esteemed Who’s Who. I let him know that I was a member of the REAL Who’s Who, then bombarded him with questions after he told me he was sending me a package of award products: a Who’s Who book, a Lifetime Achievement Award plaque, this and that. I asked what would all that cost. “Nothing until it arrives, and then it will be only $999.99. “

ONLY about a thousand dollars? I told him NOT to send the package because if he does I will not accept it.

I got his phone number, called Marquis Who’s Who (the real one) and found out that they do not have anything to do with him, that indeed, I was almost scammed—again.

My credit-card number gets changed often.  He did not get far enough for that.

It’s lucky that I have a bank credit-card department that calls me every once in a while when a charge goes through that looks suspicious. They must have intuitive people there who call when a number has a weird look about it—too long, too unusual, too something or other.

I appreciate them. I feel that they look after me. They know that I sometimes fall for ego-building promises. Not this time.

You should hear about the one who called me, flattering me about my art, compete with a fetching story about buying it for a wedding anniversary gift for his wife. It was a secret. He had lots of instructions for me. He wanted it shipped along with a box of personal things. Suddenly I realized that his signature was not on anything. If anything in that box of his personal things was illegal it would have been traced right back to me. The bank told me to call police.

That was a close one.



The name of the scammer and the company he represented have been changed to protect

the guilty.

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